SCHOLL CONCEPTS - XS Medium Cutting pad (Purple) - Pack of 2

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Now available from the SCHOLL CONCEPTS PREMIUM Pad Technology line, the mini Medium cutting pads are made of firm, reticulated premium foam in two very practical sizes that will fit today's popular tools like the D-TAIL Mini Hybrid cordless polisher, the RUPES Nano Hybrid, the Adam's SK Pro Micro Cordless Swirl Killer Polisher 2.0 or Flex PXE 80 tool

  • XSS ( 48 mm surfaces & 34 mm backing ) to fit 1 3/8'' backing plate
  • XS  ( 64 mm surfaces & 50 mm backing ) to fit 2'' backing plate


A brand new, unique heat-resistant foam composition provides a steady and consistent cutting performance.

Pack of 2

Made in Germany


Taille: XXS

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