D-TAIL LAB AUTOGRAPH Advanced Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating


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AUTOGRAPH Advanced Graphene Spray Coating is the latest technological advancement to hit the automotive detailing market. Thanks to Nanotechnology, AUTOGRAPH fills every cavity and pores of your single-stage and clear-coated surfaces but also wheels, glass, trim, rubber moulding, and plastic, allowing the product to bond to the entire car at a molecular level providing extended durability and significantly better protection than traditional waxes and sealants


  • Easier to Apply than conventional ceramic coatings
  • Self-cleaning and extreme hydrophobic effects
  • Excellent stain resistance against bugs, saps, droppings, etc.
  • Contact angle averaging 110-118° and less prone to water spotting
  • Easy to use, add up to 12 Months of Ceramic Protection in Minutes




Before installing this coating, make sure to perform these steps depending on the vehicle/surface condition. AUTOGRAPH Advanced Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating will only deliver the promised performance and durability if these steps are precisely followed.


  • Deep clean the vehicle, making sure of removing any previous protection.
  • Remove all ferrous and other contaminants using ThePURGE paired with a clay towel. We suggest using LEGEND shampoo or SYNERGY rinse-less wash solution as a lubricant to prevent causing damage to the paint.
  • If desired, proceed to paint correction/enhancement using filler and oil-free correction compound and polish pop up that gloss through the roof.
  • Prepare the surfaces by cleaning all residue left using REVEAL pre-coat surface prep fluid to assure optimal coating bonding to the vehicle surfaces.
  • Agitate vigorously before application
  • Spray on a foam or microfiber applicator, and spread one panel at a time, ideally on an area not exceeding 30 cm x 30 cm.
  • Wait for the coating to flash/haze, which should take somewhere between 15 to 45 seconds depending on room temperature and humidity

Note: You will notice at some point, the microfiber feels a bit tacky when you make contact with the surfaces, meaning it’s now time to buff off

Wipe the coating off in a cross pattern, ideally using a long pile, edgeless microfiber towel, until the panel is smudge less.

  • wait 30 minutes before applying a second layer (if desired)
  • Allow 4 hours to cure before exposure to elements.

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