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After deep cleaning and your paint corrected, it's really important to add protection to it so that he'll stay clean for a longer period of time. Choose your favorite between , wax, sealant, ceramic coating and don't forget tire, plastic, fabric and leather inside your vehicle. D-Tail Lab have you covered by offering a wide variety of protective solution so that your vehicule stay clean and protected.


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Scholl Concepts NEO Paint SealeantScholl Concepts NEO Paint Sealeant
Sale priceFrom $15.00 CAD Regular price$49.95 CAD
CERAMI-X NAVA Marine-Grade Ceramic CoatingCERAMI-X NAVA Grade Ceramic Coating
CERAMI-X FORZA Ceramic Coating for Wheels & CalipersCERAMI-X FORZA Ceramic Coating
CERAMI-X STROMA Ceramic Coating for Leather & SyntheticsCERAMI-X STROMA Ceramic Coating for Leather
Save $17.95
NoGLOSS Sprayable sealer for matte paint - D-Tail Lab
Sale price$12.00 CAD Regular price$29.95 CAD
CERAMI-X KRYPTO High-Solid Ceramic Coating for PaintCERAMI-X KRYPTO High-Solid Ceramic Coating
EMZONE Ultimate Shine
Sale price$8.95 CAD
Save $146.00
Sale price$399.00 CAD Regular price$545.00 CAD
Save $8.00
SCHOLL CONCEPTS Black hand puck
Sale price$5.00 CAD Regular price$13.00 CAD
Save $9.00
SCHOLL CONCEPTS Neo spider puck
Sale price$5.00 CAD Regular price$14.00 CAD