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D-TAIL LAB's new ARSENAL CERAMI-X Pack include the 5 most useful coating of the line, 1 for every surfaces of a vehicle.

Protect your paint, glass, plastic & rubber, leather, wheels and calipers with the new CERAMI-X line from D-TAIL LAB

This bundled is packed with value and quality. 

Save big dollars by purchasing this special package and find out why everyone's talking about #dtaillab!

Here's what's included in the ARSENAL CERAMI-X Pack: 

1 kit including a micro-suede applicator and 50 ml of:

500 ml of

Remember, a good preparation routine before applying a ceramic coating will ensure good results.

If you feel unsafe about installing a ceramic coating, that means you might reconsider and probably hier a professional.

If you're looking for reference, we invite you to have a look at our installer network list (available soon)

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