MAROLEX ACID-Line Industrial Pressure Sprayer

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Heavy industry™ and aggressive chemistry require durability at the highest level. Regardless of pH, our industry sprayers are unbeatable. Resilience and safety are our priority when working with hazardous chemicals.

MAROLEX ACID-Line Industrial Pressure Sprayer

Neutralization of oils and harmful substances


Our sprayer is often used by emergency services to remove oil spills and many other substances. If rescuers choose it, it is also perfect for you.

Disinfection of halls and production devices


Thanks to the long telescopic stainless steel lance, you can reach the nooks and crannies of the device during disinfection with unprecedented ease. Ease of use makes you work more efficiently.

Cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel surfaces


The industry sprayer is ideally suited for spraying chemically active agents on stainless steel components in production plants and factories. Its unique resistance to active chemistry is our greatest advantage.

MAROLEX ACID-Line Industrial Pressure Sprayer

Dosing valve lock


The dosing valve, integrated with the Marolex handle, allows for a more comfortable work. The lock reduces the strain on the hand muscles during long work with the sprayer. Pressing and moving the dosing valve button forward, locks it in the open position without having to hold the button.

MAROLEX ACID-Line Industrial Pressure Sprayer

High-pressure tank


The high-pressure tank ensures the highest safety of use. A special method of production and a multi-stage process of quality control of the tanks guarantee a long working life and safety. The pressure tank is covered by a 5-year warranty.


MAROLEX ACID-Line Industrial Pressure Sprayer

Anti-dust protection
(APS System)


All telescopic lances are equipped with APS dust protection to prevent the entry of contaminants inside the lance. Thanks to such a solution, they are considered to be one of the most reliable devices of this type on the market.

MAROLEX ACID-Line Industrial Pressure Sprayer




The pump was constructed using computer simulation tools analyzing the strain of the material, thanks to which we have obtained a light and durable pump. The handle has been adapted to the shape of the hand, which guarantees a secure grip when pumping, minimizing fatigue.


MAROLEX ACID-Line Industrial Pressure Sprayer

reinforced hose


All hoses in our sprayers are equipped with additional internal reinforcement, increasing resistance to pressure and external factors. Our hoses are resistant to bending, cracking, and stretching. The three-layer construction is quality without compromise.


industry™ acid








5,70 l 7,80 l 9,50 l 11,60 l


5,00 l 7,00 l 9,00 l 11,00 l


0,4 MPa 0,4 MPa 0,4 MPa 0,4 MPa


1,90 kg 2,00 kg 2,20 kg 2,30 kg


415 mm 470 mm 570 mm 600 mm

Size: 9 Liter

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