D-TAIL Lab is proud to be the official Canadian distributor for Marolex sprayers !

''We definitely believe you'll enjoy the quality and ease to use of these spraying solution as much as we do.'' 


The Marolex company follow a simple principle:
to create the best sprayers, drawing from our experience and using modern technology.


We divide professional sprayers into 2 basic groups: ALKA and ACID.

ALKAline sprayers are equipped with EPDM seals designed to work with alkaline agents with pH> 7.

ACIDline sprayers have VITON seals that are designed to work with acidic media with pH <7.


Marolex's focus is mostly on 4 main points to meet our obligations to all users:





Everything we do drives the pursuit of perfection. We are constantly looking for new ideas and testing them with unceasing commitment.





From the beginning, we have been guided by the slogan “sprayers for years” and for over 30 years we can be proud of the most reliable devices.






Our creation processes are focused on the user. The choice of materials and attention to detail shape our products.






Ethics and honesty oblige, that’s why we surround our users with support and service at the highest level.