D-TAIL SYNERGY Rinseless Wash & Clay Sponge


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Another innovation by the D-TAIL team, the SYNERGY Rinse less Wash & Clay Sponge is made of premium quality foam featuring an exclusive hexagonal pattern designed for durability in mind, paired with a synthetic clay surfaces for the best rinse less wash experience ever.


First, damp the SYNERGY sponge in your bucket filled with SYNERGY Rinse less wash solution until full absorption, then gently wiped the dust away from the panel.

Second: Turn the sponge on the clay side, damped in the bucket again until full absorption and gently rob on the surfaces to efficiently remove any contaminant.

The small wholes on the synthetic polymer clay surfaces side will hold the contaminants during the process for a safe wash routine.

SYNERGY is the most efficient and safe way to maintain your vehicle, even when water supply is restricted or not available.


Color: Green

Size: 7”x 5”x 3” 

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