NAUTIC STAR M3 Extra Heavy Cutting Compound by SCHOLL Concepts Marine


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The High Performance Cutting Compound M3 Extra Heavy stands for the effortless and reliable removal of heavily weathered, faded and yellowed gelcoat surfaces. This premium “Made in Germany” polishing compound with its almost unbeatable efficiency, has convinced not only professionals but also private boat owners.

The unique combination of high cutting performance, brilliant gloss and easy application will impress you. Heavily scratched white gelcoat surfaces can be transformed to an impeccable high-gloss finish in just one single step.

For the most efficient application of M3 Extra Heavy we recommend to use one of our firm spider polishing pads with calibrated surface at a polisher speed of around 1500 rpm. The resulting mirror-like gloss will leave you impressed. You can also apply M3 with our conventional Premium Wool Pad.

The achieved cutting performance is stunning !

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