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We have prepared a selection of our must-have products and accessories to perform the best 'Paint decontamination' : like a pro.

Here's what's included in this kit: 

500ml of D-TAIL LAB The PURGE pH Neutral Iron and Fallout Remover  as a chemical decontamination.

1x D-TAIL LAB Synthetic Clay Towel 3.0 to follow chemical decon.

1x D-TAIL LAB HEAVY GRADE CLAY BAR - 200g (PURPLE) for Heavy contaminated paint.

1x D-TAIL LAB MEDIUM GRADE CLAY BAR - 200g (ORANGE) for General purposes.

1x D-TAIL LAB SOFT GRADE CLAY BAR - 200g (BLUE) for more delicate paint.

500ml of D-TAIL LAB GLAM QUICK DETAILER to use as a clay lube or finish your detailing with a quick and intense shine.

1L of D-TAIL LAB FOMO pH Neutral CAR WASH SHAMPOO to clean your vehicle and/or lubricated the clay towel.

Remember that you should perform a paint decontamination at least 2 to 4 times a year to prevent clearcoat issue.

It is also the most important step to help your paint protection perform as promised, also bringing back hydrophobic properties to your ceramic or Graphene coating.

 Save by purchasing this special package and find out why everyone's talking about #dtaillab!

*** ONLY 139.95$ ***

Save 25% with this special bundle vs retail value of +186$

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