D-TAIL Synthetic Clay Towel 3.0


color: Red
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D-TAIL LAB detailing clay towel 3.0 is a revolutionary alternative to the clay bar that combines a microfiber towel with a synthetic polymer coating that mimics clay and removes above-surface contaminants.

Made from high-quality material, the Detailing Clay towel 3.0 really improves the overall experience, leaving your car cleaner in a more efficient way,

One of the many advantages of this special clay towel is that it's incredibly easy to use and can help you achieve perfect results more easily than a traditional clay bar.



1. Clean the surface of the car and rinse.
2. Apply The PURGE Iron remover and let it dwell for 2-5 minutes, then rinse.
3. Soak your clay towel in soapy water or use a clay lubricant and gently scrub all surfaces to remove all of the contaminants left.
4. Rinse, dry and follow next with your favourite paint protection


Color: Red
Size: 30x30CM

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