D-TAIL LAB Clay Towel 3.0


color: Red
Sale price$25.95


D-TAIL LAB detailing clay towel 3.0 is a revolutionary alternative to the clay bar that combines a microfiber towel with clay.

Thanks to hi high-quality material, it really upgrades the operational experience.

Leaving your car cleaner in a more efficient way, this clay wash mitt used an advanced rubber polymer coating that removes above-surface contaminants. 

All you need to do after using this detailing clay towel is just simply rinsing with clean water.

One of the many advantages of this special clay towel is that it's incredibly easy to use and can help you achieve perfect results more easily than a traditional clay bar.



1. Clean the surface off the car.
2. Remove contamination with the clay side of the clay towel.
3. Dry the area once the surface contamination has been removed.
4. Then wax and finish the car detailing.


Color: Red
Size: 30x30CM

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