D-TAIL LAB's Hex Grip Tire & Trim Applicator


Size: Small (3 inch)
Sale price$4.00


These new and innovative foam applicators are contoured to spread tire dressing smoothly and evenly .

 Made from dual-density foam, their design allows for a easy handling, which keeps your hands clean.

- Eliminates overspray on wheel surfaces; 

- Prevents "runs and drips";

- Use less tire dressing;

- Washable and reusable;

Comes in two size: 3 and 4 inch

How To Use: Poor your favorite tire dressing on the applicator.  Spread evenly over using a sweeping motion. Wait until full absorption. Always apply on a clean tire surface.

* Best suited for water-based products. Solvents-based product will affect durability

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