D-TAIL LAB Hi-CON Series The PURGE 2.0 pH Neutral Iron and Fallout Remover Concentrate


Size: 500ml
Sale price$39.95


 The Hi-CON Series by D-TAIL LAB is a highly concentrated formulation designed to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding professional detailer of the industry. By delivering outstanding performance, the Hi-CON Series of products is a true game-changer in terms of quality and return on investment.

The PURGE 2.0 by D-TAIL LAB is a pH-balanced Iron fallout remover formulated with reduced odor associated with other similar products on the market. This high concentration product can be diluted to up to 1:5 with water.

Its advanced formula is a strong, yet safe and effective way to dissolve ferrous oxides from wheels and painted surfaces. The PURGE attacks brake dust to rapidly clean with very little agitation required.



To achieve optimal performance, we recommend spraying The PURGE directly on a cleaned surface. Leave it dwell for 2 to 5 minutes or until iron particles dissolved completely, then rinse off. Follow up with physical decontamination if required, using the D-TAIL Clay towel. Do not use on hot surfaces nor under direct sunlight.


  • Dilution up to 1:5
  • Colour-change technology indicates when the product is loosening brake dust and iron.
  • PH neutral and safe to use on your entire vehicle
  • Added with odour neutralizer for a more pleasant experience
  • Easy spray-on rinse off formulation

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