D-TAIL LAB Stainless Steel Foam Cannon Orifice Nozzle


Size: 1.1 mm
Sale price$5.00


This Foam canon replacement nozzle is made of stainless steel and is compatible with all professional foam canon. 

Available in:

1.1 mm, suitable for 1000-1750 psi Pressure washer

1.25 mm, suitable for 1800-2600 psi Pressure washer

1.40 mm, suitable for 2700-4000 psi Pressure washer

1.70 mm, suitable for 4000-5000 psi Pressure washer

How to replace Orifice Nozzle:

1. Unscrew 1/4 inch quick connector plug.
2. Unscrew the foam cannon nozzle with a slot screwdriver.
3. Screw new foam cannon nozzle.
4. Screw 1/4 inch quick connector plug.

ATTENTION: Please screw in the orifice nozzle tighten enough, or it is hard to get thick foam.

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