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ROGUE is a highly concentrated pre-wash with high-density active foam and corrosion inhibitor. Its unique formulation was specifically designed to tackle and quickly break down the toughest grease, oils, tar, bugs and much more without hurting ceramic coatings. As powerful as ROGUE can be, it does not contain caustic chemicals, toxic solvents, is phosphate-free, biodegradable, and safe for our planet! ROGUE can also be used as a contactless wash for light to moderately soiled vehicles and act as a corrosion inhibitor


Apply the solution on soiled surfaces using a 1:9 ratio in a foam cannon; let it dwell for about 60 seconds, then rinse with pressurized water. Follow up with a proper wash using LEGEND pH neutral car shampoo and our microfiber mitt or pad.  This product was designed for use with a foam cannon/gun, but also works with a standard pump foamer/sprayer. Continue with a wash using the LEGEND neutral pH car shampoo and our microfibre glove. Do not use on hot surfaces or under direct sunlight.

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