D-TAIL LAB COMEBLACK Plastic & Rubber Trims Coating


Size: 500 ml
Sale price$19.00


Formulated to renew and protect plastic, vinyl and rubber trims, COMEBLACK will bring back moisture to the treated parts, improve its appearance and provide a barrier against UV rays to help prevent fading.

Thanks to a high content of Polydimethylsiloxane, a blend of polymers & SiO2, COMEBLACK provide hydrophobic properties to the coated surfaces and will outlast most plastic & tire dressing without attracting dust.

Being water-based, COMEBLACK is a versatile coating that can be use purely on exterior tires and worn, dull, faded plastics parts, but also diluted up to 1:3 (1/4 product for 3/4 water) for used on interior surfaces like dashboard, plastic and vinyl trims, door panels and door jambs.


Clean and dry the surface. Apply and rub evenly with a microfiber towel or applicator until full absorption. May require re-application depending on surface condition. This innovative formula is added with polymers and is a powerful protector from UV rays, locking in valuable moisture to prevent fading. Plus, its easy-to-use application makes it ideal for quick touch-ups and ambitious restoration projects.


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