D-TAIL LAB Clay Bar - 200g

Sale price$24.95 CAD

The D-TAIL LAB Clay Bars comes in 3 grade: soft, medium and Heavy, each weighting 200 grams. , suitable for mechanical decontamination of cars. Their weight and elasticity allow its easy manual handling and they are sold in small plastic boxes so that they can be stored and reused. They remove traffic film; insect, resin, and iron residues and all impurities on the car. The product is suitable for both painted and chromed surfaces.



  1. Choose the appropriate grade depending on contaminant level and clearcoat hardness .
  2. Wash and dry the vehicle.
  3. Soak the claybar in hot water and flatten the clay bar with your hands.
  4. Work on small sections, about 40 X 40 cm, and use a lubricant of your choice to help reduce chance of damaging the surfaces .
  5. Spray the lubricant also on the clay bar and pass it gently over the working surface with overlapping passages. In the presence of particularly stubborn impurities, repeated passages may be necessary. 
  6. Continue to work on the same area until all impurities are removed. When an optimal result is achieved, the clay will flow smoothly on the surface.
  7. Proceed later with a quick car wash before polishing or applying the paint protection.

Purple Clay: is the most powerful one and thanks to its strong cleaning ability it allows to remove heavy contamination.

Orange Clay: is made of a medium hard clay and represents the best solution for most situations.

Blue Clay: The softest clay bar is ideal for the decontamination of the most delicate and soft surfaces. We recommend it for vintage cars with particularly delicate paints. 



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