D-TAIL LAB QUICX Ceramic Detailing Spray Sealant

D-Tail LabSKU: DQUX500

Size: 500 ml
Sale price$19.95


The D-TAIL LAB QUICX Ceramic Detailing Spray is a powerful SiO2 & polymer based sealant that provide maximum UV protection to painted surfaces while promoting a slick and glossy finish that last for up to 3 months.
An ideal choice for the most demanding professionals or the car enthusiast in you who likes to keep its ride clean and achieve optimal results with minimal effort.

Spray on a Microfiber applicator pad or a MF towel, then spread uniformly on the surface ideally of 24'' x 24'' at a time. Using a clean microfiber towel, wipe from left to right, flip sides or use a second towel and buff in a linear motion for a perfect finish.
D-TAIL LAB QUICX Ceramic Detailing Spray is the first choice for professional car care technicians who appreciate an easy-to-use detailing spray for their customer's cars.

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