D-TAIL LAB FOMO pH Neutral Car Wash Shampoo


Size: 1 Liter
Sale price$12.95


FOMO Automotive shampoo formula gently washes away dirt, grimes and contaminants while revealing the true colour and clarity of your vehicle’s paint. It quickly dislodges and lifts encrusted dirt to ensure a scratch-free rinse. Gentle on all surfaces and pH balanced, FOMO is perfect for coated and uncoated surfaces, matte paint & PPF.


DIRECTIONS: In a foam cannon, dilute with water from 1 : 5 for heavy soil to 1 : 10 for maintenance wash. In a bucket from 1 : 200 for heavy soil to 1 : 500 for maintenance wash. We recommend using a microfiber wash mitt/pad. Rinse out and dry with our XL Microfiber Drying towel. Do not apply on a hot surface or in direct sunlight. Should be rinsed immediately after usage. Please do not allow it to dry.

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