D-TAIL LAB D-WAX Hydrophobic Liquid Wax


Size: 500 ml w/ Sprayer
Sale price$12.00


 D-WAX is a sprayable liquid wax designed to protect and facilitate the maintenance of your vehicle. Its super hydrophobic properties create a barrier that will make water ''bead up'' and runoff your car paint, helping your vehicle dry faster and stay clean for weeks. D-WAX also helps to prevent paint oxidation and colour fading caused by UV raysIt can be used both on dry or wet surfaces and also work as a rinse aid. 


WET surfaces application:

Spray uniformly on wet painted, then rinse out ideally with a pressure washer. *Important: The product must be applied on wet paint and then rinse off. Only then, it can be dried using a towel.*

DRY surfaces application:

Apply one or two sprays on each panel, spread uniformly with your favourite applicator, wait for 60 seconds then wipe off excess by hand using a quality microfiber towel.

Spray directly on paint or apply using a wax applicator pad. Gently buff with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion.

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