Scholl Concepts IQ 3 in 1 Backing Disc - 76-150 mm (5/8)


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SCHOLL‘s iQ 3in1 polishing plate is an intelligent, all-purpose velcro plate available in sizes S, M and L. The flexible, gently tapering edge ensures smooth and silent operation even at high polisher speeds (RPM). In conjunction with the matching polishes and pads from SCHOLL, iQ 3in1 is the right companion for those wishing to attain a perfect finish on polished paint surfaces.

Available for 5/8 thread. (21050B)

For M14 thread on request. (21050)


S-Ø76mm    (+- 3 inch )

M-Ø125mm  ( +- 5 inch )

L-Ø150mm   ( +- 6 inch )

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