Scholl Concepts S3 GOLD Cutting Compound

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Size: 250g
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The High Performance Cutting Compound S3 Gold has been designed specifically for paint finishing work on scratch-resistant surfaces including UV cured paints.

Thanks to the unique iPT technology (intelligent Powder Technology) which is based on high-purity aluminum oxide, you can now remove imperfections on topcoats quicker and easier. The outstanding cut, the brilliant mirror-like gloss and the easy handling of the High-Performance Compound will surely convince the most demanding user.

The High Performance Cutting Compound S3 Gold can generally be used with all SCHOLL Polishing Pads. For best results, we recommend the use of the extremely hard and innovative Sandwich-SpiderPad (black/white) or the Navy-blue SpiderPad from the latest generation of Scholl Concepts polishing foam pad collection.

“Consistently easy” – only one compound and one polishing pad for almost all paint finishing applications on new paint surfaces.


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