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Bring back definition, clarity, gloss and depth of color with D-TAIL LAB’s Paint Correction system aka as the ARSENAL GLOSS Pack. Our paint correction product package will help restore and enhance your car’s originaL aspect by removing scratches, swirls, and oxidation, giving your car a showroom-like finish.

The ARSENAL GLOSS Pack include this awesome trio:

1x 1 Kg of BRUT Hyper-cutting Hybrid Compound

1x 1 Kg of CORSA Avances Correction Compound

1x 1 Kg of Gran FINALE Advanced Refinishing & Jeweling Polish

1x Merino Wool XX-Tra Cutting 6’’ pad

1x Uni-X Cut & Finish Microfiber 6’’ pad

1x X-Tra Cut Red Open cell foam 6’’ pad

1x Uni-X Purple Detailing Open cell foam 6’’ pad

1x XX-Tra Fine Polishing Black Foam 6’’ pad


3 pastes and 5 pads is all is required to handle any refinishing project and get the best out of it!



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