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Pre-Wash ( or Pre-Soak) : The most important Step of a vehicle wash routine !

Pre-Wash ( or Pre-Soak) : The most important Step of a vehicle wash routine !

As a professional or simply as a car owner, you know how important it is to keep your vehicle in good condition.

The best way to do this is by regularly cleaning your car, but it's more than just a simple hose and soap job. You must take several steps to ensure your vehicle stays looking its best, one of them being a contactless pre-wash aka pre-soak or TFR (traffic film remover).

Why is this so important?

A contactless pre-wash is without any doubt the most important step of your wash routine to prevent causing damage to your car's exterior during the full contact wash.

This process will remove a substantial amount of dirt, bugs and grime from the vehicle exterior in order to limit the risk of spreading everything all over with your wash mitt and scratching the paint.

How is it done? 

The pre-wash is usually done using a dedicated pre-soak cleaning solution and is generally more potent than your standard car shampoo. That said, many pre-wash products are highly alkaline, and some even contain caustic chemicals.

While being cheap and really effective, caustic chemicals should not be used for cleaning cars because they can be very damaging to the paintwork and can cause oxidation or discoloration in the long run. Caustic cleaners are highly corrosive, so using them can dissolve away the protective coating on the car's exterior, leaving it vulnerable to further damage.


''Foaming your car is so satisfying''

The best way to apply the pre-wash solution is definitely using a foam cannon connected to a pressure washer. Professional Foam Cannon produces super thick foam by mixing high-pressure water flow from your pressure washer with your pre-wash cleaning solution or car shampoo. 

If you do not have access to one, there are also excellent manual foaming options on the market like the MAROLEX AXEL FOAM SPRAYER.

The foam helps the cleaning agent cling to the surface longer, giving you more working time before it dries or drips off your vehicle.

Speaking of foaming & cleaning capabilities, many customers as found ROGUE PRE-WASH capable of removing most of the traffic film and dirt when used as a pre-soak, but also very effective as a contactless wash when performed on a regular basis in between the whole cleaning routine. Furthermore, ROGUE also contains rust inhibitors and is caustic-free, so it's tough on dirt, but gentle on paint finish and won't hurt your paint protection.

While ROGUE has proven also to remove light contamination, proper paint decontamination with an iron remover like ThePURGE should be performed at least twice a year or more or less depending on the vehicle usage and condition.

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Sylvain pineau

Sylvain pineau

Bonjour, où puis-je me procurer le shampoing de pré lavage pour auto , j’ai un vus kia sportage 2018.merci

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