D-TAIL LAB FABRIX Fabric And Textile Sealant

D-Tail Lab货号:DFABX500

Size: 500ML


D-TAIL LAB FABRIX is a water-based surface sealant designed to protect and facilitate the maintenance of fabrics, textiles, canvas, and convertible tops. 

The PFAS-free aminofunctional polysiloxanes formulation of FABRIX helps protect by creating a chemical and molecular barrier to prevent dirt, liquids, and other substances from clinging to it while maintaining its natural softness and breathability. The treated surfaces will become more resistant to stains and color transfer and will also prevent liquids from absorbing 

Its unique formula creates an anti-static and hydrophobic effect that will facilitate surface maintenance and protect against UV rays for up to 12 months. 

FabriX is free of petroleum distillates, or PTFE so it can be used safely inside without any risk to health or the treated surfaces.


*Before applying FABRIX, you must wear protective gloves and glasses.*

**Must test-try on the surface before applying

Spray generously on clean and dry surfaces, and massage with your hands to spread uniformly. Then spray again and leave the surface to dry for 2 to 4 hours before use.

Enjoy easy maintenance of your fabric and textiles with D-TAIL FABRIX.


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