CORSA Advanced Correction Compound




CORSA advanced correction compound from D-TAIL LAB was designed for maximum efficiency and enhancement.

Thanks to innovative self-braking abrasive technology, CORSA provides an exquisite level of clarity and shine while effectively removing an impressive number of defects even at low speed. Efficiently removes scratches, wear marks, and sanding marks of P1500 grit and up on both used and fresh paint. CORSA is water-based, low-VOC, and free of silicon oil, making it the perfect choice for professional detailers and paint refinishers. CORSA features an extended work time for low product consumption, but also low dusting and an easy wipe-off for a perfect finish every time.

When combined with our Uni-X Microfiber Pad, CORSA can also be used as a 1-step polish system to restore gloss and depth of colour while also removing most defects. CORSA was designed for use with dual-action, orbital, or rotary polishing tools.

Let CORSA's uncompromising quality bring out the best in your vehicle, boat, or motorcycle


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