Gran FINALE Advanced Refinishing & Jeweling Polish




Gran FINALE Advanced Refining & Jeweling Polish from D-TAIL LAB as its name suggests, is a refinishing polish designed to provide an exquisite level of clarity and gloss while also removing swirl marks and other imperfections, even at low speed.

Thanks to innovative self-braking abrasive technology, Gran FINALE effectively removes minor defects, scratches, wear marks, and sanding marks of P3000 grit and up, on both used and fresh paint.

Gran FINALE is water based, low VOC and free of silicon oil, making it the perfect choice for professional detailers and paint refinishers. Gran FINALE features an extended work time for low product consumption, but also low dusting and an easy wipe off for a perfect finish every time. When combined with our Uni-X Microfiber pad or the Uni-X Purple Foam pad, Gran FINALE can also be used as a 1-step polish system to restore gloss and depth of colour while also removing minor to medium defects.

Let Gran FINALE's uncompromising quality bring out the best in your vehicle, boat, or motorcycle


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