D-TAIL LAB PRODIGY - Hybrid Polymer Paint Protection


Size: 500 ml w/ Sprayer
Sale price$25.95


PRODIGY Spray and seal use hybrid polymer technology to provide up to 6 months of protection. PRODIGY will also generate amazing gloss, an extremely slick and soft-to-touch finish combined with excellent hydrophobic properties.


Wet surfaces application: 

Spray uniformly on wet painted and unpainted surfaces, glass and plastics and wheels, then rinse out ideally with a pressure washer. 

***Important: The product must be applied on wet paint and then rinse off. Only then, it can be dried using a towel.

Dry surfaces application:

Apply one or two sprays on each panel, spread uniformly with your favourite applicator, wait for 2 minutes then wipe off excess by hand using a quality microfiber towel. 

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