BRUT Hypercut Correction Compound

Sale price$69.95 CAD

The BRUT Hybrid Hyper-Cutting Correction Compound from D-TAIL LAB is the workhorse in the shop.

Designed for maximum cutting power on all clear coated, gelcoat, and metallic surfaces,  BRUT efficiently removes the deepest scratches, wear marks, paint stripes, dust nibs, and sanding marks of P1000 grit and up, on both heavily oxidized paint and harder scratch resistant clear coats. BRUT is water based, low VOC and free of silicone oil, making it the perfect choice for both professional detailers and paint refinishers as well. 

For maximum cutting power, pair BRUT with our White Merino XX-tra Cut Wool pad or the Red X-tra cutting foam pad. BRUT effectively removes the deepest defects on scratch resistant surfaces even at low speed, but also finishes very well thanks to innovative self-braking abrasive technology. BRUT was designed for use with Dual Action, Orbital or Rotary polishing tools.

Let BRUT's uncompromising performance bring out the best in your vehicle, boat, or motorcycle

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use cutting-edge technology and research to develop the best car care products possible. Our team of experts tirelessly creates unique formulas designed to clean, restore and protect surfaces from harsh environmental factors, such as UV rays, dirt, and pollutants. This allows your vehicle to stay looking great for longer while also making it easier to clean.

Our nano-ceramic protection products are easy to apply and provide a durable and long-lasting shield against everyday wear and tear. They are also completely safe for use on all types of surfaces, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your prized possessions are protected without the risk of any damage or discoloration.

Whether you are a car enthusiast looking for the best possible protection for your vehicle, or a business owner looking to keep your fleet of vehicles looking great, D-TAIL LAB has the expertise and products to meet your needs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and support, and are always happy to provide expert advice and guidance to help you get the most out of our products.