YG60s Gloss Meter with auto-calibration by 3nh

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YG60S 60° Gloss Meter by 3nh is a great tool to have in the shop to measure the clear coat / gel coat 

before and after paint correction. These data numbers will provide added value to your work and your 

customers will be even more amazed by your skill level.

Product Features:

1. Elegant Design combined with aesthetics and ergonomics;
2. With auto-calibration function;
3. Meet the first grade requirements of JJG696;
4. Large storage to save over 35000 data;
5. Auto Power-off within optional 30-120 seconds;
6. Comply to ISO2813,ASTM523, GB/T9754;
7. With PC software for quality report, more extend functions;
8. With multi working modes and multi-functions for most customers’ requirements.
Paint Surface Gloss Meter

Spec & Date: 

Digital LCD Gloss Meter
Model:YG60S 60° Gloss Meter
Measuring Angle:60°
Measuring Area:60°: 0-200GU
Division Value:1GU
Measuring Modes:Basic mode
Measuring Time:0.5S
Repeatability:0~100GU : ±0.5GU; 100~2000GU : ±0.5%GU
Accurate:Conform with JJG696 second grade requirements of gloss meter
Auto Power-off Time:30s
Language:Chinese & English
Display:2.3 inch white and black screen
Weight:About 300g
Power Supply:1pc dry-cell battery(can measure 10000 times) or use USB Charge
Operation Temperature Range:0-40℃(32-104° F)
Storage Temperature Range:-20-50℃(-4-122° F)
Humidity Range:<; 85% RH, without condensation
Standard Accessories:User manual, calibration plate