Scholl Concepts W9 2in1 Premium Glaze Wax 1 Ltr.


Sale price$49.95



The efficient 2in1 formulation of W9 Premium Wax is based on high-grade natural and synthetic wax components. W9 in combination with the orange SCHOLL Polishing Pad will permanently seal the topcoat and remove holograms and micro-scratches efficiently in just one single step. The mirror-like shine and durable paint protection are unique.

W9 guarantees best final finish results on black surfaces!

In case of scratched paintwork, we recommend the use of a “heavy” or “medium” cut compound like the S3 prior to the application of W9. Use the fine-pored orange Polishing Pad when applying the Premium Car Wax by machine to remove holograms or swirl marks. Wipe off the residue with our seamless red MicroPLUS Finishing Cloth.


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