Scholl Concepts W6+ Premium Glaze Wax

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The Premium Car Wax W6+ is a particularly effective and unique paint protection. Natural Carnauba wax and high-end synthetic components will permanently protect the paint against the elements and leave a long lasting, bright and mirror-like gloss. The easy handling of the wax will convince you.

In case of severe scratched paintwork, we recommend the use of a “heavy” or “medium” cut SCHOLL compound prior to the application of W6+. Generally we advise to process W6+ by hand using our soft, black Application Puck. Distribute the wax evenly and in a circular motion on the paint surface, let it dry and wipe off the residue with our seamless, red MicroPLUS Finishing Cloth. The Premium Wax W6+ can also be applied by machine using an orbital or rotary polisher and the universal orange Polishing Pad.