Scholl Concepts SW20 Premium Speed-Wax Sealant


Size: 500 ml
Sale price$19.00


SW20 is a unique and innovative sprayable sealant for new and polished paint surfaces. The Speed Wax eliminates light dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc. in seconds and leaves a long-lasting sealed surface.

The latest polymer technology fills micro-scratches in the paint surface and forms a highly resistant protective film, shielding your car from the elements for weeks.


Just spray-on, wipe off : done !
The glossy finish is remarkable. SW20 is bodyshop safe since it does not contain silicon or hydrocarbons and can be used on virtually any smooth surface.

Sealants often also called waxes, are products which leave behind a protective layer on the treated surface by virtue of layer-building constituents such as wax, silicones and similar substances. Usually, these products do not contain any abrasive components and therefore no mechanical treatment of the surface is achieved. They are intended solely for the purpose of protecting the surface but are often also improperly used for covering damaged surfaces.

All SCHOLL sealants are marked with a corresponding “WAX” classification for an easy reference of the product purposes.



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