Scholl Concepts SHAMPOL – Premium Car Shampoo


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A 4-in-1 formula that combines the characteristics of a top-of-the-line high-gloss car shampoo, paint sealant and drying agent.

ShamPol combines the features of a high quality car shampoo, paint sealant and drying agent into a single application product. The foaming gel-formula easily removes grime from paints, chrome, glass, plastics, tyres, rims as well as convertible tops. Washing your car with ShamPol distributes a fine polymer protection layer on all treated surfaces. In addition to the intensive shine, this layer lets the water film run-off after rinsing with clear water. In comparison to conventional car shampoos, ShamPol significantly reduces the time needed to dry off your car.

Rinse the entire car with water first. Then apply ShamPol Cleaning Gel directly onto the well moistened purple SCHOLL Spider Cleaning Puck, respectively onto the Premium Cleaning Glove and then wash the entire car top down. Regularly wash-out the cleaning pads with clear water. Finally, rinse off the car generously with water and watch the water film run-off. 

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