SGCB Ultra Bright LED Handheld Inspection Light


Sale price$119.95


This cordless rechargeable LED light is the perfect tool for car detailing and refinishing tasks. Thanks to its chip-on-board technology, producing 400 lumens, she's perfect for color match and to identifying scratches or swirl marks. 

Designed for Pro Detailers, SGCB LED Inspection Light bezel rim is made of solid Aluminium and is covered with a premium rubber contour band for maximum durability.


  • Brand: SGCB
  • Weight: 13.6 oz
  • Size: 8.3 x 2.9 inch
  • Operation time: 2 to 4 hours
  • Battery: 7.4V Li-ion, 1,300mAh/ 9.62Wh
  • Light output: Max. 400 Lumens, Min. 180 Lumens

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