SGCB: COBRA Miracle Microfiber Towel - 380 GSM 40cm x 60cm

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SGCB Miracle Cobra towel features a 380gr / m² quality microfiber fabric, excellent for polishing painted surfaces and applying protective coatings.

The SGCB Cobra Cloth with Edge was made with bold design, with its red microfiber fibers and white seam finish, it shows that besides being very useful it is also beautiful.

SGCB Cobra Miracle towel has two different sides.
- The short loops side is perfect for easily removing polishes, waxes, sealants and other finishing products.
- The fluffier side is perfect for polishing and bringing that gloss through the roof


  • Application of quick waxes;
  • Application of maintenance products
  • Removal of wax, polish, sealant, and other products;
  • Vehicle drying;
  • Cleaning interiors and other surfaces.

Size: 40cm x 60cm