Scholl Concepts S30+ Premium Finishing Compound

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The High-Performance Compound S30+ guarantees a perfect end-finish on dark paintwork. Thanks to the unique formulation which is based on a microfine, high-purity aluminum oxide powder, light scratches and moderate signs of wear and tear in the top coat, as well as swirl marks and holograms from previous polishing applications, can be eliminated easily and effectively in just one single step. Our "easy-clean" formula provides the best processing properties on conventional and scratch-resistant paint surfaces.

The brilliant mirror-like gloss of this Premium Compound will convince you. S30+ can generally be applied with all SCHOLL Polishing Pads. For best results, we recommend the use of the universal orange Polishing Pad or the NEO SpiderPad. The use of the extra soft black pad is not recommended! S30+ can be applied with a rotary as well as orbital polishing machines.