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S2 is a foamy shampoo that contains the highest-quality formula we have ever developed, being the world’s first enzyme-based active foam for detailers with a deep cleansing action (patent no. 14730984.3). S2 removes even the most stubborn organic dirt and, thanks to the enzymes that can act several times on the same molecules – dirt substratum (e.g. a layer of soil), a small amount of S2 guarantees an excellent washing action and thorough cleaning*, making the protective layers applied previously, or still to be applied, last longer.
Its unique neutral formula creates a foam that adheres to the car body for a long time, easily removing dirt and road contamination without damaging coated surfaces. S2 is safe on delicate car parts due to the absence of sodium hydroxide and to the use of plant-derived surfactants, which reduce “stress cracking” on plastic materials. Its formula is phosphorus, EDTA and NTA free.

*Compared to the enzyme-free line.


Dilute 20-40 ml of product for each litre of water (1:25 – 1:50 – dilution can be up to 1:500 for frequent washes), then wash with a high-quality Fra-Ber glove and rinse thoroughly. We recommend using the two-bucket method.
S2 can also be used pre-diluted with a foaming nozzle at 1:12 (1 part of product and 12 parts of water) for extraordinary cleaning or at 1:25- 1:50 for frequent washing. Do not allow it to dry. S2 used as a prewash for weekly dirt dilute from pure to 1:20 (50ml in 1L of water).

Do not apply the product on hot surfaces and do not allow it to dry

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