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LAB-Elite Nano Ceramic Protection

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Some automotive paints are more fragile than others and in all price categories 💰 and manufacturers .
In order to counter this weakness, D-Tail Station offers its customers the best protection possible:
LAB-Elite, a Nano ceramic coating that fuses with the polish of your vehicle and gives it an increased hardness to face the most difficult conditions. ☀️🌪🌨🏒🥅

Equivalent to Corundum, an ore 💎extremely rigid, LAB-Elite hardens to reach 9H on the Mohs scale).
In addition, the product makes the surfaces super-hydrophobic, which allows for better flow of water ☔️, facilitates its maintenance and reduces its wind resistance, which increases its aerodynamic factor.🛩🚁🛥🚀🚝

It is no coincidence that nanotechnology is now very popular in the aeronautics and aerospace industry.

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