MAXSHINE M312 Dual Action Polisher

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Maxshine M312 3'' Dual action polisher is the ideal polisher to get those smaller hard to polish spots looking beautiful again. It's the easiest and safest way to polish paint and get rid of those hard to remove and annoying swirl marks and scratches. For the best results pair the M312 with our polishing pads and ShineMaster Compound and Finishing Polish to give your paint that perfect finish you have been dreaming of Dual Action Polisher help you make vehicles clean and shining, make car detailing safer and easier. The machine is easy for you to remove swirl marks and scratches, your car will be more gloss after detailing. Also, the machine is ideal for applying polishes and waxes, it's safe and perfect for all paint types.

Disc Size:75mm, 3-3.5"
Orbit Size: 12mm
Spindle Thread Size: 5/16"-24 
Variable 6 Speed Dial
No Load Speed: 2,000 to 6,000/min
Net Weight - 1.85kg (approx)
Supplied with a 75mm(3") backing plate

 Key Features:
Powerful 550w Motor
4 Meter Heavy Duty Cable
U type Handle hole
Non-Slip Soft Rubber Coated Grip