D-TAIL Red & White Microfiber Wash mitt


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THE HEART OF OUR ARSENAL: D-TAIL introduces the Red & White microfiber wash mitt Made of thousands of fine microfiber strands, users can expect this premium wash mitt to hold seven times its weight in soapy water for an efficient washing routine.

Its random microfiber fine-weave fabric will lift and trap the dirt it picks up and hold it away from your vehicle’s paintwork to prevent the fine swirl marks that can ruin your car’s finish.

Designed for multiple uses. It can be used for washing the bodywork, wheels, wheel wells, tires, and grills. The chubby spun strands hold loads of soapy water delivery. The superior durability of this mitt allows it to hold up to rigorous use.


For best results, use the two-bucket method



  • Moisture-free inner lining 
  • Size: 9'' inch x 8'' (11'' including insert)
  •  Color: Red & White
  • Weight: 105 g


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