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Lake Country Deluxe Pad Washer System 3000

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The System 3000D™ with Aqua-Clean Technology is the first self-contained cleaning system featuring a user-controlled pump, a removable catch basin, and a replaceable filter. The pad cleaning system filters and recycles cleaning solution to continuously reduce polish contaminants. Works with Random Orbital, DA, Rotary polishers. Works with all sizes and types of pads - wool and foam from 3" to 9

Easy and effective to use for all types of pads and most polishers. Works with other cleaning accessories - bonnets, applicators, wash mitts, etc. Uses the power of the polisher to agitate and clean pads T

his water-saving unit is perfect for applications where cleaner pads with less contamination are essential. Environmentally friendly - uses only 1.6 gallons of water (50% less than other pad washers).



  • Easy to operate – Closed top design keeps operator clean when spin-drying pads.
  • Light-weight – Weighs less than 20 pounds, filled.
  • Durable, efficient, and long-lasting – German engineered positive displacement pump. Molded with 100% polypropylene & glass-filled nylon.