D-TAIL LAB-Elite - Ceramic Protection Coating

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LAB-ELITE 9H, our latest generation ceramic coating, combines self-cleaning, superhydrophobic and increased hardness properties. The coating is resistant to scratches as well as micro-cracks occurring during the thermal expansion of the body surface. The LAB-ELITE installation provides permanent surface protection against oils, oxidation, corrosion, acid rain and chemicals, even under the most difficult conditions. The coating is composed of nanoparticles with a thickness that does not exceed 5 microns so invisible to the naked eye and does not affect the appearance of your painting.

The superhydrophobic properties create a "lotus effect", which facilitates the maintenance of surfaces and does not dissipate during use. The NANO technology used gives the product a strong adhesion to the surface and thus a prolonged durability Protection duration:

- 3 years = 1 layer

- 5 years = 2 layers

Fields of application include all types of paint, glass, chrome and plastic elements.