HG60S Automotive Coating Gloss Meter by 3NH

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HG60S gloss meters by 3NH is an instrument designed to measure specular reflection gloss of a surface. 

Gloss is determined by projecting a beam of light at a fixed intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount of reflected light at an equal but opposite angle.

There are a number of different geometries available for gloss measurement, each being dependent on the type of surface to be measured. For non-metals such as coatings and plastics the amount of reflected light increases with a greater angle of illumination, as some of the light penetrates the surface material and is absorbed into it or diffusely scattered from it depending on its colour. Metals have a much higher reflection and are therefore less angularly dependent. 

 The automotive industry is a major user of the glossmeter, with applications extending from the factory floor to the repair shop.

Model Number: HG60S
Brand Name: 3nh
Measuring Angle: 60
Measuring Area (mm): 9*15
Standard: ISO 2813, GB/T 9754, ASTM D 523, ASTM D 2457
Measuring Range: 0~200GU
Division Value: 1GU
Repeatability: +-1GU
Reproducibility: +-1GU
Deviation: +-1.5,+-1.5%
Measuring Time: 0.5s
Language: English/Chinese
Display: TFT 3.5 inch
Interface: USB/RS-232
Storage: Basic mode: 1000