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D-TAIL's squad has prepared a very cool selection of our most popular products and accessories for you to try out. Save big dollars by purchasing this special package and find out why everyone's talking about #dtaillab!

Here's what's included in the Arsenal Starter kit: 

  • D-TAIL LAB's PLASMA: Premium All-Purpose Cleaner
  • D-TAIL LAB's D-TOX: Water-based Engine & Body Degreaser
  • D-TAL LAB's FOMO: Car Wash Shampoo
  • D-TAL LAB's NegativO: Waterless Spray Wash
  • D-TAL LAB's D-WAX: Hydrophobic Liquid Wax
  • D-TAL LAB's Will Clean: Acid-free Wheel Cleaner
  • D-TAL LAB's X-CON: Ferrous fallout suppressor
  • D-TAL LAB's Neat-O: Premium Anti-static Glass Cleaner
  • D-TAL LAB's GENESIS: Premium Leather Conditioner
  • D-TAL LAB's Mr. RUBBERt McTIRE: Ultimate Tire Dressing
  • SGCB: Microfiber Wax Towel - 320 GSM 40cm X 40cm
  • SGCB: Edgeless Monster Microfiber Towel - 500 GSM 40cm x 60cm
  • Maxshine Duo Twisted Loop Drying Towel 60x90cm- 1200GSM
  • Maxshine Horsehair Leather Detailing Brush
  • Maxshine Tire scrub brush
  • Maxshine Premium Microfiber Wash pad
  • Maxshine Multipurpose applicator with finger hold pocket
  • Maxshine Heavy Duty Tire & Carpet Scrub Brush
  • Maxshine Clay Towel
  • Maxshine Tire Dressing Curved Applicator

Save 33% ( 90$ ) with this special bundle which has a retail value of 280$!