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We have prepared a selection of our must-have products and accessories to perform the best 'Paint decontamination' like a pro.

Also, this package would not be up-to-date without our now famous ThePURGE 2.0, simply the best Iron remover on the market with its reduced odour feature.

Here's what's included in this kit: 

1st: Apply D-TOX  Pre-wash on all body panels, bumpers, door jambs, rims, except for unpainted plastics (value of 19.95$)  and then rinse (touchless)

2nd: Wash by hand using LEGEND Premium shampoo paired with the D-TAIL BLACK & WHITE MICROFIBER WASH PAD and clean the entire car. (Value of 15.95$ + 12.95$) and rinse again.

3rd: Spray ThePURGE Iron fallout remover on the entire car body and wheel, let the product work for you 2-4 minutes, you will notice ThePURGE changing colour when in contact with brake dust and other iron particles. (Value of 19,95$)

4th: At this point, you may want to use D-Clay towel 3.0 to remove what's left (optional)  by damping the clay towel in water, adding 1-2 ml of LEGEND shampoo (will help to lubricate the towel and avoid causing damage to the clear coat), now rinse for the third time  (Value of 29.95$)

 5th: Remove the remaining water using the D-TAIL XL DUO TWISTED LOOP MICROFIBER DRYING TOWEL and voilà! (Value of 29.95$)

Protect with your favourite paint sealant (Ours is PRODIGY), wax (like the D-WAX), both spray and rinse products that are very easy to apply.

 Save by purchasing this special package and find out why everyone's talking about #dtaillab!

*** ONLY 89$ ***

  • Save 30% with this special bundle vs retail value of +128$

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