D-TAIL LAB-Elite GLASS - Advanced Ceramic Protection Coating for glass

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Elite-GLASS is an Advanced Ceramic coating for glass and windshield with durable hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect.

Once applied, Elite-GLASS will bond to any glass panel and ceramize over time, giving extremely high hardness and outstanding resistance against wiper blades wear.

Other benefits of applying ceramic coating on glass include:

Improved visibility - Easier maintenance - Exceptional clarity - Reduces scratch potential



* Clean the glass with your favorite glass cleaner like NEAT-O.

* Remove any remaining residue left with an IPA solution cleaner.

* Apply coating on the entire glass panel.

* Immediately polish the panel with a microfiber towel until streaks are completely removed.

* An optional second layer can be applied after 2 hours.

* Full activation is completed after 3 hours. Contact with water should be avoided during this period.