Becoming a D-TAIL ProNanoTech Franchise !

First, the most important thing to know about our philosophy is that love of for cars, and attention to detail are the essential qualities of a D-Tail operator. Franchisees in our network are entrepreneurs with a strong business sense and excellent relational skills.


  • The franchisee owns his business and is legally independent.
  • The franchisee benefits from the brand image and reputation of the brand, well-known signs of customer recognition.
  • The franchisee benefits from all the positive effects of a network; increased awareness, economies of scale in procurement, communications with co-franchisees, increased impact of joint advertising, etc.
  • The franchisee benefits from the transmission of the know-how of his franchisor and provides his permanent assistance, which could facilitate the start of activities for an inexperienced franchisee.
  • The franchisee runs a lower risk of failure. Every business, whether franchised or not, carries a risk. However, in a well-run professional franchise network, the risks of failure are generally lower than for an independent entity.

In order to develop its network, D-Tail Lab offers you:

  • Technical training and support
  • Marketing Training and support
  • Web base resource network
  • IP telephony with greeting
  • Branded clothing
  • Promotional items and events
  • Automotive detailing products & accessories

Training: Assured by the head of the network, the training provided to the franchisee is spread over a period of 4 weeks.

For more information on how to become part of D-TAIL LAB family simply fill up the contact form below, give us a call or write us an email :

Telephone: 1 877 518-5005