D-TAIL Paint Enchancement Pro Pack

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If you're thinking of getting serious in paint correction this bundle will definitely be the right starting point.

In collaboration with Scholl Concepts, the great German compounds and pad manufacturer, we have prepared this bundle of the best tool, pads, compound and sealant available .

This package include:


  • D-TAIL 15mm DUAL ACTION POLISHER TOOL (value of $279.95)
  • Scholl Concepts S2Black High Performance Compound - 500 g (value of $49.95)
  • SCHOLL CONCEPTS Natural Wool Cutting Pad - 135/16mm (value of $22.95)
  • SCHOLL CONCEPTS MICROFIBER CUTTING PAD 125/16mm - 125/16mm (value of $22.95)
  • Scholl Concepts Ninja RED Universal Cutting Pad  (value of $21.95)
  • Scholl Concepts S30+ Premium Finishing Compound - 500 g (value of$39.95)
  • Scholl Concepts Ninja BLUE Universal Finishing Pad -  (value of $19.95)
  • SCHOLL CONCEPTS W6 Black High-Performance Coating Wax - 500 ml (value of $39.95)
  • Scholl Concepts Black SOFTouch Waffle Finishing pad - M - 5 inch (140 mm) (value of $21.95)


You will have everything you need to correct deep scratch, enhance gloss, color depth add a protection and facilitate the maintenance of your vehicle for months!


All this for a price of 399$, saving you 120$ if compared to the original value of 519$

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