D-TAIL LAB LEGEND Premium High Foaming Shampoo

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Size: 500 ml
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A LEGEND is born:

Being designed with today's NanoTechnology in mind, LEGEND provides optimal car care performance to Professional detailers and the most demanding enthusiast. Thanks to a pH Neutral, high dilution ratio and highly foaming and lubricity characteristics, LEGEND is the ideal choice for a regular maintenance wash for either the foam cannon or bucket method. Oh, and what a scent! The useful now meat the pleasurable.


In a foam cannon, dilute with water from 1 : 20 for heavy soil to 1 : 50 for maintenance wash.

In a bucket from 1 : 400 for heavy soil to 1 : 1000 for maintenance wash. We recommend using a microfiber wash mitt/pad. Rinse out and dry with our XL Microfiber Drying towel.

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