Maxshine Tire Dressing Curved Applicator


Pkg: 1 unit
Sale price$3.95


These new and innovative foam applicators are contoured to spread tire dressing smoothly and evenly .

 Made from dual-density foam, their design allows for a easy handling, which keeps your hands clean.

- Eliminates overspray on wheel surfaces; 

- Prevents "runs and drips";

- Use less tire dressing;

- Washable and reusable;

- Perfect for generate a gloss shine finishing;

- Size: 10 x 4 cm, Thickness: 2.5 cm, Black Foam: 3.5 cm.

How To Use: Spray tire dressing sparingly on clean tire surface.To prevent overspray on wheels, apply the Tire Shine directly on tire swipe. Spread tire dressing evenly over sidewall using a sweeping motion. 

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